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Fresco Nutrition has recently changed the formulation of our Family Milk Drink and updated the labels for our Formula range.



Benefits of goat milk

While ‘Breast is best’, have you considered goat milk as an alternative to cow milk?

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Fresco Nutrition Goat Milk is available throughout New Zealand and Australia. Click below to find your nearest stockist...

The only Gold Goat Formula

Fresco Nutrition Goat Gold Plus is the first and only "Gold" goat milk infant formula available in NZ...


Important Information


At Fresco Nutrition we believe that choosing how to feed your baby is an important decision. That's why we always recommend breast milk as the best nutrition for babies. Breast-feeding from birth is the best choice and breast milk is the perfect food for all babies, providing all the nutrients a baby needs for at least the first 6 months of life.

If you are considering not breast-feeding or stopping, you should be aware that it may be difficult to start or restart breast-feeding if you change your mind later.

Mothers need a healthy diet to meet increased nutritional needs during breast-feeding. Breast-feeding has many benefits for the mother as well as baby, and we recommend professional advice should be followed before using any infant formula.

Parents always need to consider the financial and social implications before deciding how to feed their baby.

Infant formula must be prepared and used as directed, this is very important for your baby's health.

Information in this website is not intended to replace advice from a qualified healthcare professional, which is why parents should follow professional advice before deciding which baby feeding method to use.

By deciding to enter this website and view the information here, you accept that Fresco Nutrition is supplying this information for educational purposes at your request.